These are the things I am doing now:

  • Intentional Mindfulness
    • Being a present, mindful, and loving dad/husband/son
    • Five Minute Journal by the folks at Intelligent Change
    • Celebrating life in all the little and big ways - warm sun & good friends.
    • Daily tail wags & nudges from Sunny - Tibetan Terrier companion, resident monk
  • Stay healthy-ish
    • Ultimate Frisbee!  Personal goal: play once a week (good for the body & soul).
    • Drinking good coffee (Saint Frank, Fenn Coffee, Verve Roasters, Coffeebar) 
    • Investing in self-care, mental health (micro breaks: gardening & piano, therapy, etc)
  • Digital Marketing, SEO, and Relationships
    • Continuing work on various SEO consulting projects
    • Rebuilding site portfolio with Cloudways, WordPress, Oxygen Builder, and ACF.
    • Deeper work with EM Marketing & The Break 
    • Finally built a GSC Verification Tool (already used it a few times to help a client!)
    • Making more time for SEO Community
  • Enjoy Good Food
    • Cooking everyday for my family thanks to Gobble.  More culinary fun on the weekends via SeriousEats, Alison Roman, Ina Garten etc.
    • Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies after a tough day (as needed)
    • New Carbon Steel pans are worth the investment (well seasoned now)
  • Committed to Life Learning

Last updated:  March 2024

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now movement.


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