SEO Basics

A resource for beginners

Ever feel overwhelmed on where to start with Search Engine Optimization aka SEO? Search no further...

What is SEO Basics?

This section is for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups alike who want to learn about SEO and how to incorporate SEO into their marketing efforts .

Anyone who wants to have a better grasp of SEO factors, what they are, why they matter, and how to optimize them - you’re in the right place.

Below is a list of HTML code or tags that you can learn about and take action on immediately. And you might want to subscribe to get fresh updates as new info is added.

Why it's worth learning for yourself

Whether you choose to hire an agency, hire an SEO consultant, or do it yourself - having the basic building blocks and general context will help you make meaningful progress. Most importantly it's crucial to understand why some factors matter (and why others don't).

How can basic SEO fundamentals help my business?

Understanding SEO fundamentals will help you on the margin.  In other words, when you are working on creating new content - you'll take the time to understand your audience's language.  You might do some research on other websites discussing or linking to the same topic.  All of this will help you create content that engages with more people and leads to future results.

No pixie dust required

Ultimately, the goal is to help you understand how SEO ties back to your core business mission and goals. The more effective you are in connecting with your audience/customers - the more you can deliver useful and meaningful content.

SEO is just like any other aspect of your business - in order to improve you must learn, plan, and do. Gaining a basic knowledge in SEO will help you.

Below you will find links to simple and clear explanations about the basic building blocks of search engine optimization.

Title Tag

Canonical Tag

Meta Robots

HTML Head Tag

HTML Body Tag

H2 Header Tag

A Tag (Link)

NoFollow Attribute

Robots.txt File

Alt Text

SSL Certificate


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