Dan the digital marketing guy

I’m Dan – the humble, performance marketing expert behind Copper Insights.  I truly love building meaningful online marketing solutions that help businesses leverage the amazing opportunities on the Internet.

I can help your business create and optimize your online presence.  I can help you build an in-depth online marketing strategy – customized for your business needs, strengths, and goals.  Sound good? Let’s talk

These are my power alleys – places where I can help you build a strategy that will elevate you business online:

Online Reputation

There is no one-size-fits all solution.  Some businesses have websites others use Facebook.  Others only exist within a niche online community where customers find them.  Your online brand should reflect exactly who you are in the real world.

Search Engine Optimization

For me, SEO represents a natural, holistic approach.  On-page and off-page are vague and meaningless until you get into the weeds.  This also means a long-term plan.  SEO is never really done, you have to keep improving and innovating.

Performance Marketing

ROI is always top of mind when exploring and executing marketing strategies. I can effectively leverage paid channels than can help be a one of many ways you connect and engage with your audience.

Lead Generation

Tapping into the natural demand found via search engines.  The foundation is knowing your core customers – inside and out.  Then building around those key elements. Understanding, building, and tracking *your* funnel.

Campaign Integration

I have years of experience in cross-channel marketing. Integrating search, content, social, and email strategies helps you engage with new and existing customers.


I have been building with WordPress for over a decade.  It is a well-documented, well-supported, powerfully extendable CMS (content management system). I taught myself PHP in order to build one of my earlier online ventures.

Authenticity matters

I strongly believe authenticity is the best foundation for future success.  The internet is really an extension of you not just your brand.  How you engage and share your story must come from a real, sincere place.  I can help you but I can’t do it for you.  You will NOT rank #1 for [arbitrary keyword] – unless you work really, really hard and have the support of a village of real fans.  I enjoy the journey and work hard towards measured goals.

I believe the best businesses (of all sizes) strive to delight their customers.  I love helping businesses get past the crud that is outside their core competency.  Enabling them to leverage their true competitive advantage and deep connection with their customers.

Thought leaders – with feeling

Here are a few thought leaders that inspire me and that I regularly leverage when solving online problems:

  • Gary
    • Gary VAYnerCHUCK – his face is likely going to show up in the dictionary under “hustle.”  He went “all-in” with social media (specifically YouTube and Twitter) in the mid 2000’s) and revolutionized how real businesses can leverage social media in a way that most people/organizations still fail to do today.  He has accomplished a lot (written several books – most recently AskGaryVee – built a successful media agency, etc) and it’s still early days for him.  He just might buy the NY Jets some day.  Wikipedia on Gary.
  • Tim
    • Tim Ferriss is the author of the famous 4 Hour Work Week  (and several subsequent books).  He is the epitome of work smarter not harder.  He currently produces a fantastic podcast where he interviews interesting subjects and often.  He is also a huge proponent of the mindfulness movement.  I am most thankful for his authenticity and ability to find, test, and share powerful ways to improve your work/life.  Wikipedia on Tim.
  • Derek
    • Curious and fascinating – Derek Sivers founded CD Baby.  He has a fascinating background and distills the complexities of business into simple, yet powerful tactics to understand your customers.  And ultimately deliver something delightful.  He is also an amazing example of generosity and balance.  Wikipedia on Derek.

My personal side

On a more personal note:

I’m an ISTJ – but can talk your ear off about WordPress multisite, the Cubs, or my favorite pancake recipe.  I have traveled to over 40 countries – here’s an outdated map.  Lived in Mexico, France, Spain, and the United States.  I got married to the most amazing woman in the world and have 2 adorable children – who are growing up way to fast.  Our “first child” was a furry Tibetan Terrier who was my Zen master for 10 amazing years.  He sadly died from cancer in June 2016.  He will be missed.

I love good food,  good coffee, good music.   I’m a life long Chicago Cubs fan and I’m ready.  Currently my one outdoor activity is Ultimate Frisbee – it’s like soccer with a disc.  I make quite possibly the best chocolate chip cookies – don’t believe me?  Let’s talk.

I tend to really get excited about products and services that are real-world and tangible.  For example, the best sandwich makers, coffee shops, recipes.  As a customer, I *know* the quality when there is multi-sensory delight.  Here’s a short list of services/products I love (as a customer) and why.

  • WordPress – it makes creating a website far easier and gives me access to an enormous, talented community that can really help solve anything.
  • Bi-Rite Creamery – They make delicious ice cream. Then they made a book with all their recipes – it’s beautiful and inspiring. They gave away their secret sauce and people still flock to them in San Francisco because they do it better.
  • Ike’s Place – Guaranteed delicious sandwiches.  I single-handedly introduced 100’s of people to this sandwich shop because I love them so much.  They make everything with high-quality ingredients.  I’m getting hungry just writing about this…
  • Four Barrel Coffee – A local SF coffee roaster that makes *good coffee*  I used to drive well out of my way to work to get a fix during the morning commute
  • Trello – A clean kanban board that I use to organize and track my life and business projects.  It’s beautiful, flexible, and easy to integrate with many other useful apps.  Originally built by Fog Creek software – the Trello team is transparent and absolutely committed to its users.  You can even directly vote and comment on their development board.

That’s me and what I love in a nutshell, for now…