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Find the easiest way to verify your website with Google Search Console. This tool provides specific instructions based on your domain setup.

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    You Win! GSC Verification is Practically Automatic

    All you need to do is enter your domain into GSC, follow the prompts, and click to Verify. You can follow these simple steps.

    Let's Add That Bluehost DNS Record!

    Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to verify your Bluehost site with GSC.

    Let's Add That Namecheap DNS Record!

    Here are customized instructions on how to verify your Namecheap site with GSC.

    Let's Add That DNS Record!

    Here are general step-by-step instructions to verify your domain with Google Search Console. Don't worry we'll include details and images so you can easily follow along.

    Squarespace Saves the Day!

    Click here for specific instructions on how to verify your Squarespace site with Google Search Console.

    Wix Has You Covered!

    Wix Premium Domain accounts have access to Wix SEO Wiz that will automatically integrate with Google Search Console. Start by going to Get Found by Google in your Wix account.
    Otherwise you can verify your domain with a free Wix account by adding a Meta tag to your Wix account.

    You have Options with!

    You can use Google's official Plugin, Site Kit by Google, to verify & connect Google Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and more.
    For the manual process, follow's instructions or these step-by-step instructions to verify your domain with GSC.

    Shopify has Several Options

    Please note, Shopify domain setup can be tricky depending on where you registered your domain (Shopify vs 3rd party registrar). Shopify has a helpful video on how to verify your Shopify domain.
    If your domain was registered with a 3rd party, you can also use these step-by-step instructions to verify your domain with GSC.

    Google Search Console Verification Questions

    What is GSC property verification?

    Property Verification is the process where Google confirms you are the legitimate owner of the domain you're adding before giving you access to private search data.

    Why do I need to verify my site?

    Google needs to know that you own the domain before they give you access to data for that domain. The most secure way to do this is demonstrating that you have access and control of your domain's DNS records.

    What's the difference between 'Domain' and 'URL prefix'?

    Domain verification will capture anything and everything associated with the root domain.

    URL prefix verification will only capture the data for the exact version of the URL provided. Here's more details from Google.

    Domain Verification

    Includes all possible versions of your domains.  (ie, etc)
    Includes http:// AND https://
    You will be able to see all the data associated will all these different versions
    DNS records are less likely to get deleted by accident
    Must use DNS verification method
    This method can sometimes be difficult for non-technical users

    URL Prefix Verification

    Easier to verify and less technical since you don't have to prove full control of the domain name server
    Choice of several different verification methods
    Easier auto-verification when using other Google products: Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Sites, Blogger 
    Limits the GSC data you can see
    For example, if another website links to the wrong version of your website( vs GSC will not show this data since it does not match the exact URL prefix.
    HTML file verification can more easily get lost or overwritten.

    Which domain registrars offer automatic search console verification?

    As of early 2022, these companies have partnered with Google to verify your website auto-magically. You just have to add your domain to GSC and click Verify, they do the rest (so you don't have to worry about those pesky DNS records).

    In this case, Google is able to pass along the unique string and your domain registrar creates the DNS record for you automatically.
    Google Domains*

    How do I figure out where my domain is registered?

    Enter your domain and look for the "Registrar Name" field. This is where your domain name is registered and where the DNS zones are usually maintained.

    Go to one of these trusted sites:

    What if I use a hosted CMS ?

    Below are a list of hosted CMS providers who can act as both the domain registrar and website host. 

    If your account invoice includes an annual domain registration fee, then they likely have your domain registration info as well.
    • Wix
    • Squarespace
    • (different from the self-hosted version)
    • Shopify

    Why do I need to update my DNS records?

    Every website has them and they are secure. It remains one of the few ways that is reliable and trustworthy.

    What does my DNS record look like?

    Every website has them and they are secure. It remains one of the few ways that is reliable and trustworthy.
    • Name
    • Type
    • Content/Record
    • TTL (Time to Live)

    Sample screenshots:

    Does my registrar have directions on where to find my DNS ?

    Every website has them and they are secure. It remains one of the few ways that is reliable and trustworthy.

    Which DNS record type do I add?

    To verify your site with GSC you will create a TXT Record

    Every DNS record has the same 3-4 fields:



    Name / Record
    Value / Content
    pick the shortest time
    • The Name or Record field is where you reference your domain. The @ symbol is commonly used to reference your root domain. Note: some DNS forms exclude this field, if it's not there you likely don't have to worry about it.
    • The Value or Content field is where you'll copy & paste the unique string from GSC
    • TTL stands for "time to live" and it's just how long the DNS record will take to be live on the server.
    • Most DNS forms will provide a drop down of options, pick the shortest or lowest time. Sometimes the numbers are in seconds (3600,14400 etc)

      14440 = 4 hours
      7200 = 2 hours
      3600 = 1 hour

    How long will it take my TXT record to be live?

    Most DNS settings take at least a few minutes to load after adding a new record. 

    If you are getting an error from GSC, you can check to see if the record has loaded. 

    There are several free DNS sites you can check to see if the the record is live:
    1. Go to any of these sites
    2. Enter your root domain: (ie no http:// or www )
    3. Find and Select TXT from the options
    4. Look to see if the value you added appears
    If you see the unique text you got from GSC and put in your DNS record - you are ready to complete your verification!

    If you don't see your record yet, give it some more time. 

    While most DNS systems warn about taking hours to update, this is usually not the case for TXT records.


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