Helpful SEO Services

Below are the most common ways we can work together.

These carefully crafted services help businesses harness organic search to make meaningful connections with the right audience. I enjoy helping clients find their authentic voice & letting it shine online.

SEO Advisory

  • Trusted partner that will guide you along the way (even if it means referring you to others)
  • Learn the ‘why’ behind the SEO process as we work together
  • Empower you/your team to tackle future projects with confidence
  • In-depth market research and data driven insights

SEO & Digital Strategy

  • Holistic SEO intake
  • Review personality test
  • Deep dive into personal & professional strengths
  • Assess storytelling style and preferences
  • Explore relationships and professional networks
  • Custom SEO strategy made for you
  • Custom Strategy Manual

Search Console Training

  • Master the GSC fundamentals
  • Learn GSC data essentials: Dimensions & Metrics
  • Deep dive into Performance reports & search analytics
  • Defeat overwhelm caused by Core Web Vitals & Mobile Usability
  • Custom GSC Dashboard Templates
  • Build better reporting: summarize progress & highlight insights

Website Audit

  • Investigate overall SEO status
  • Examine Google Search Console & Google Analytics
  • Audit content characteristics and engagement
  • Competitive landscape assessment
  • Check existing keyword usage & traffic drivers
  • Assess Page Experience & Core Web Vitals
  • Audit Report & detailed Tune-up Worksheet
  • IMPLEMENTATION: improve, edit on-page issues

Keyword Research & Analysis

  • General industry research (volume and competitiveness) 
  • Highlight keyword opportunities based on user intent (awareness vs research vs transactional)
  • Uncover keywords within reach
  • Identify medium, long-tail keyword opportunities
  • Research useful industry-related questions
  • Prioritized & organized list of your ideal terms
  • Priority Keyword Report

Insightful Content Strategy

  • Assess content marketplace & trends
  • Research content topics and themes
  • Content campaign tactics to earn new links
  • Identify link targets and other industry resources
  • Establish high level metrics (ie CMO roll-up) & granular metrics: keyword, traffic, and coverage trends
  • Build custom dashboard to track progress
  • IMPLEMENTATION: guide content production team in updating/publishing new content


Harness organic search to make meaningful connections with the right audience
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