How to Verify your Domain

With a TXT Record in DNS Settings

Let’s look at what information you need and how to add a TXT record. These are the steps you need to take to verify site ownership with Google Search Console.

There are 1000’s of companies that manage DNS Records ie Name Servers for website owners. Luckily, the DNS Record system is standardized.

GSC Site Verification Steps

  1. Collect what you need to create a new TXT Record
  2. Open Google Search Console
  3. Login where you domain is currently hosted (ie where the nameserver matches)
  4. Go to the DNS Zone or Record Manager Section
  5. Add a new TXT Record
  6. Go back to GSC to Confirm

Collect Required Fields for a TXT Record

To verify your site with GSC you will create a TXT Record. Regardless where your DNS is managed, a TXT record has the same fields.

Info you need to create a TXT record:

  • The Name or Record field is where you reference your domain. The @ symbol is commonly used to reference your root domain. Note: some DNS forms exclude this field, if it’s not there you likely don’t have to worry about it.
  • The Value or Content field is where you’ll copy & paste the unique string from GSC (see the next step)
  • TTL stands for “time to live” and it’s just how long the DNS record will take to be live on the server.
  • Most DNS forms will provide a drop down of options, pick the shortest or fastest time. Sometimes the numbers are in seconds (3600,7200,14400, etc).
    • 14440=4hrs, 7200=2hrs, 3600=1hr
FieldWhat You Enter
Record Type
TTLpick the fastest/shortest time

All DNS Zones will look similar

Companies name the DNS section differently. Here are few examples:

  • DNS Manager
  • DNS Editor
  • DNS Zone
  • DNS Records
  • Advanced DNS Settings
  • DNS & Nameservers
  • DNS > Zones > Records
  • Zone Editor

And here are few screenshots – you’ll notice they are all similar.

cPanel - Zone Editor - Edit record
cPanel- Add Recprd
Screenshot showing DNS TXT record

Login to Google Search Console

  • Click on Search Property or the domain dropdown menu (it will look different depending on you account setup)

It looks like this if you don’t have any domains setup yet:

Or this if you have another property setup & verified:

Click Add Property

Look towards the bottom of the drop down menu

A new window will pop open:

Enter your domain and click Continue

  • Google will prompt you on your verification method options

Copy the verification string

You will save this to copy & paste into the DNS Settings next.

Login to the web host or domain registrar for your domain

If you’re not 100% sure, here’s a list of common name servers (and the companies that own them).

If you came here from the GSC Verification Tool, then you know exactly where you need to login to add a TXT record.

Go to the DNS Zone or Record Manager Section

Remember the name of this section will vary across providers. But DNS Zone/Editor Manager/Settings are the most common.

Add a new Record (TXT)

You already did all the prep work in Step #1. Just select your choices:

  • Type of Record: TXT
  • Name/Record: @
  • Content/Value: Cut and paste the string you copied from Google Search Console
  • Time to Live (TTL): Pick the shortest/fastest time

Go Back to GSC, Verify Ownership

Go get a glass of water, wait a minute…

Then Click the Verify Button

Success! You have now verified your domain with Google Search Console