How to GSC Verify a Bluehost Site

These steps will show you how to verify your Bluehost domain with Google Search Console. This can take 10 minutes or longer, depending on how familiar you are with the DNS zone on Bluehost.

Open your browser & clear your mind

Open three tabs in your browser

  1. The instructions on this page
  2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

First, you need to add your Bluehost domain to GSC and follow the verification prompts. Google will provide you with the verification string that you will manually add inside of your Bluehost account.

Login to Google Search Console

  • Click on Search Property or the domain dropdown menu (it will look different depending on you account setup)

You have no domains verified:

You have a domain verified:

Click Add Property in the drop down menu (will be at the bottom)

A new window will pop open:

Enter your domain and click Continue

  • Google will prompt you on your verification method options
    • Copy the verification string
Example Verification

Next, you need to pass this information to Bluehost.


Login to your Bluehost account.

Bluehost login page

Click on the Domains navigation link (left side of screen)

Bluehost main account page

Find the domain you want to verify, under the Manage drop down

Note: If your domain is not here, that domain is likely managed somewhere else. Go here to find the name servers.

Bluehost Domains page

Select DNS from the Manage drop down options

Domain Manage Drop-down

Scroll to the TXT Records section (about 4 sections down)

Click the Add Record button

Bluehost TXT Records
  • You’ll see three empty fields
    •  Host Record, TXT Value, and TTL
Bluehost TXT Record Form

Fill in each field with this info

  • Host Record: @
    • TXT Value: google-site-verification=your-unique-string
    • TTL: select 4 Hours (min)

Click the Save button

Wait a couple this or watch this from the Search Advocate Team @ Google

Go back to your GSC tab

You may have to wait a few minutes before to take the next step.

Click the Verify button


Your site is now verified with GSC. Please note, GSC will need a couple days to load the data for your domain.


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